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Rock Band SEO Case Study

A new campaign experiencing great results in just 3 months! For a rock bands’ website. The band plays across the country and the main singer does lessons which we also created landing page for that rank on page 1.



Blog Creation

Informational queries around the niche. e.g. best ‘x’ album. A content hub was created with relevant search terms.


Local SEO

In person lessons for different instruments, ensures that the teacher does not need to leave their home to attract work and the students all come in him!


Website Rebuild

As you can see, the website was made from scratch with no SEO in place. Once optimisations, content and a new design was in place, we’re now experiencing great traffic growth, now reaching 1,000 monthly traffic in the space of 3 months.


A Continual Upward Trend!

Last 3 months

GA4 Last 30 Days Comparison

In the space of just one month, we’ve increased:

  • Organic users by 300%
  • Organic sessions by 224.37%
  • Organic engaged sessions by 206.8%

GSC 3 Month Comparison

Looking at the last 3 months to the preceding period we can also see our big gains:

  • An additional 727 clicks made (310.68% increase)
  • An additional 36.5K impressions (912.5% increase)


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